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Super Mario Flash Museum

On the SMF Museum page, you can play older versions of SMF! Test out your skills in older environments, or maybe just take a nostalgia trip or a curiosity trip, and overall, enjoy the history of this timeless game created by Pouetpu. SMF v3.0 can also be played on the Home page. Below are the Table of Contents:

Image Super Cristophe Brothers — The humorous beta version, complete with Engrish goodness!

Image • The Hard Level — A cruel, difficult level, very hard to beat. Think you got what it takes?

Image • SMF v1.3 — Super Mario Flash (Version 1.3) had three sets of funky key controls!

Image • SMF v1.7 — Super Mario Flash (Version 1.7), nothing spectacular but nevertheless a classic.

Image • SMF v2.0 — Super Mario Flash (Version 2.0) was first to introduce the Level Editor feature.

Image • SMF v2.5 — Super Mario Flash (Version 2.5) brought along some nice aesthetic changes. Enjoy.

Image • SMF v3.0 — Super Mario Flash (Version 3.0) is most recent and has epic updates. Check it out!


Super Cristophe Brothers

The Hard Level

Super Mario Flash v1.3

Super Mario Flash v1.7

Super Mario Flash v2.0

Super Mario Flash v2.5

Super Mario Flash v3.0

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