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Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest that you read these FAQs so that you can know the answers to questions you might have. If you still have any questions, you can contact us at our forums.


Q: What is Super Mario Flash?

A: SMF (As it is commonly abbreviated) is a magnificent game created by Pouetpu. You can play the game here. If you are interested in learning a bit more about the game itself and its history, click here.


Q: Who made this site?

A: This site, believe it or not, was not made by Pouetpu, and he also took no part in making it, except with providing the game. This site was created by a community whom you can meet here. Specifically, it was created by shadowglitchy. (Yep, that's me!)


Q: Is there any way i can contact Pouetpu himself?

A: Yes. You can e-mail him your questions if you like. (pouetpu's e-mail is:


Q: Doesn't Pouetpu own the game? Does he have his own site?

A: He does own the game, and we are not claiming it as property, not at all. He does have his own site, where you can share levels and play them, just like in our forums. (You can access Pouetpu's own site here.) However, his site lacks a communication system (Such as a chat, or shoutbox, or post and reply system), and is undergoing changes at the moment as well. He previously made a forum similar to our current one, that lasted from August 2007 until March 2009, when he apparently chose to just...shut it down, and left many members rather unhappy. As you can see, however, we managed to gather back as the strong community we had been for over a year, and our community offers the same things its predecessor did before getting shut down by Pouetpu. We welcome all of you to join us, at our forums, where you can share, play, and rate levels made by people from all around the world. Once again, you can find our forums by clicking here.


Q: When will the game be updated?

A: After Pouetpu updated SMF to its current version (v3.0), he stated that there would likely not be any major updates to the game since then. And that has been true, since he made the statement on March 2008, and the game hasn't been updated ever since then. The chances that Pouetpu will update the game any time soon appear to be low, but we never know...he might update the game any time, and we certainly hope he does!


Q: The game is currently version 3.0. How can i play older versions?

A: You can play older versions (such as v2.0 and 2.5) if you are lucky to find a site that hosts an older version of SMF instead of v3.0. We might add embed versions of the older versions of SMF to this site in the near future.


Q: The 1-player game is hard, i can't beat it. How long is it?

A: Keep playing and you'll find out soon...


Q: But it's too there any way i can make my experience easier?

A: Luckily for you, there is. Hold C and H while clicking on the "options" button on the SMF main screen, and instead of showing you the options screen, you'll see the cheats screen. You can choose to have 50 lives instead of 5, and also unlock all of the 1P game's levels.


Q: The 1-player game is too easy. Is there any way i can play harder levels?

A: Yes, indeed. Some of the members at our community make some really difficult levels you can try out. You can also try out Pouetpu's hard level. (To be added soon)


Q: I want to make my own level! How do i do that?

A: On SMF's main screen, you can click on "level editor" to build your own levels. It's easy to use, just click on tiles, monsters, etc, drag them onto the level, and place them. When you feel that you are over, you can click on "save" in the edit screen, give your level a name, a flagpole, a startpoint, and then click on save.


Q: I want  to save my levels so i can play them any day. How do i do that?

A: After you save your level, click on "code", copy the code, open up a word document (or similar document) and paste your level code. And when you wish to play your levels again, copy your level code from the document, and paste it in the "load"screen. (Which can be accessed by clicking on "load" when there is no level uploaded.


Q: I want to play other levels besides the ones present on the 1-player game, and my own. How do i do that?

A: If you have any friends who like SMF, you can send each other codes through e-mail, etc. Our community, made up of members from all around the world, also offers countless levels made by these members, and you can copy any of their level codes, paste them on the "load" screen, and play them on your own. If you have difficulty beating their levels, feel free to ask them.  Image

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