Super Mario Flash

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About Super Mario Flash and the SMF Community

Super Mario Flash is a wonderful game created by Pouetpu a few years ago. SMF is a simple Mario-based platformer flash game that includes a fun 1-player game, and an outstanding level editor, where you can build and enjoy your own self-made levels. Using a clever level code function, you can save those levels onto a word document (or similar documents) and later upload your saved codes to play them in the future. You can also share your level codes, and play others made by people all around the world, by visiting our community. SMF began as a prototype game, where one of Pouetpu's friend, apparently named "Cristophe", played in the role of Mario and went through many levels before versing against the main villain, the "Minimerc" (apparently based off another friend of Pouetpu's, "Merc"). A hilarious game, it can still be found on several sites. SMF began it's first version a long while ago, going through many updates until reaching the point of 2.0, then 2.5, and finally the present-day version 3.0, released to the public around March of 2008. Pouetpu has said there most likely won't be further updates.

 Pouetpu had his own SMF forums between August of 2007 and March of 2009. Abruptly shutting down the community of over four thousand members greatly shocked the active members, who became the remnant of the lost glory they helped maintain and even create. Currently, the majority rests at the "official" SMF Forums.

Since then, the elder members and Pouetpu have gone their own ways. Pouetpu still has his own site, called Pouetpu-Games, which also hosts v3.0 as of now, along with a "Level Portal" that the elder members commonly view as inferior, due to its lack of communicating systems and an easy fake-rating and level-theft. It is currently the goal of the SMF Forums' community to bring back all persons interested in SMF like them, under the same roof, which has a much more sophisticated layout, and much more freedom and space. Even so, numerous inexperienced users have gotten into a habit of making their own SMF-themed forums, centered about them. In the eyes of many, these sites are great and better than the greater community that made all this possible following Pouetpu's forums' shut down in early '09. We preach that it would be much more socially profitable if all users stuck to one mother site, but among the users themselves, there is imperfection. This can lead to conflict, which sadly happens anywhere in life. Nevertheless, members of the extended SMF community have freedom to choose their final dwelling grounds...

We now invite you to check out the community that kept the major remnant, of Moderators and Staff Members of the forums made by Pouetpu, and judge for yourself. There you can share your level codes, play others, and rate them. If at first you feel offended by harshness, no need to worry: most of our users were once pretty unexperienced at the game too, and they know best, and will try to help you out, with enthusiasm, sophisticated guides made for new users struggling at level-making, and even their own personal advice. There on the forums, you are also bound to make new friends, which are likely to last a while if you cultivate your friendship bonds. And remember the golden rule: have fun and let others have fun in peace as well!


Special thanks to Pouetpu for making this wonderful game, and inspiring us to make a new community where people could enjoy levels like they previously had since August 2007. Despite our differences, all this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for him.  Image