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Welcome, stranger! You might be new here, you might not. So in the meanwhile, try out the amazing game below, Super Mario Flash, an action-packed, creative game with a magnificent level editor! While you're at it, feel free to browse the contents of this site. You might find valuable knowledge, and even if you're an expert at this game, have you checked out our community? (link below)

And now, for our feature presentation: Super Mario Flash! (Currently at its latest version, v3.0!)

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 (Try clicking the little icons below, also scattered throughout this website. They take you to other parts of the site)  • HomeThat would be THIS page. Complete with the latest version of SMF, for easy access.  • About SMF and the SMF Community Learn the history of SMF here.  • The Official SMF Forums — The largest and original SMF community has its grounds here!

Image  • FAQ — Frequently asked questions answered here.  • Super Mario Flash Museum — A collection of all versions of SMF, old and new.